Julie Crystal ~ Harpist

Founder of Harp Music for All Occasions (1994)

A harp itself costs several thousand dollars. Also consider maintenance expenses related to string repair and wood preservation. Temperature regulation is a must. Some harps require larger vehicles and dollies for transportation. Mine does not; however, safe manual transportation can be challenging in some outdoor settings. Sound equipment costs hundreds of dollars while it is highly recommended to amplify the sound of the harp to fully appreciate the music. Time is a major factor. It takes hours of practice, music preparation, tuning, and dress preparation for weddings and other special events. Living in central PA typically means longer commutes for venues and marketing, including wedding expos. Instrument insurance is another added but necessary cost for these majestic, stringed beauties. Again, I have been playing for over 20 years, amounting to a significant breadth of education and experience as a musician.

To book a harp performance, I request a signed contract and 50 percent deposit. A contract stating the total fee is provided via email once we discuss the details of the venue location/date/time and length of service. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the performance date unless booked less than two weeks in advance, in which case the full amount is due on the performance day. Please visit the "Contact Us" page to get a customized quote or request a consultation.

Yes, I have taught all ages from beginner to advanced levels through private lessons and group workshops. I can also connect you with a harp maker in NY if you are looking to purchase a lever harp with perhaps a customized touch.